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New Workout Plan

*plays video tape*
*cheesy 80s music*
Okay, ladies! Today’s workout is focused on the quads. As in quid pro quo. A favour for a favour. Like the FDA taking bribes from factory farms, allowing them to continue the overuse of antibiotics on livestock for growth purposes. Ok. BREATHE. NOW REACH ALL THE WAY TO THE GROUND. Reach your fingers deep into the earth… Like the fracking moguls ruining our beautiful planet for natural resources we wouldn’t need if we focused on developing alternative energy resources instead of giving away money in corn syrup subsidies. NOW REACH BACK UP TOWARDS THE SKY! Stretch out that backbone… If you have one.”

I’m trying out a new thing. Everyday, until I’ve finished a book, I’m blocking out a three-hour period in the morning for writing, and my phone will be turned off. Also, during work hours, I am putting my phone on airplane mode. Nothing and no one beyond my immediate surroundings will be involved in my ordinary, everyday life unless otherwise allowed. During quick afternoon breaks, I’ll be reconnecting to the Interwebz to say hello, read the news, and exchange pretty pictures from out here in the Pacific Northwest. I’ll also have to check up on Kyle and make sure that maniac hasn’t replaced me with another future murder victim. I’d simply just die from sadness if he did, which isn’t even close to what I deserve as far as death is concerned.

I’m exhausted. I’ll shut up now. Goodbye.

It’s so hot in Seattle, and air conditioning doesn’t seem to be common here. But I love it here. Everything is gorgeous, even the grimy parts. This past weekend I discovered most of Discovery Park, but I plan on going back every weekend to get away from the city. I’m not even really staying in the city - or at least it doesn’t feel that way to me. I’ve been lodging at a hostel in Fremont this week and next week I’ll be staying Downtown. At some point, I’ll need to visit Capitol Hill to see what the big deal is, but I start working full-time again tomorrow. A friend from Philadelphia is coming out to visit the Pacific Northwest in two weeks, so I’ll have adventure buddies soon. Time is passing by so quickly… I haven’t booked my flight to Chicago yet, but I’ll most likely be going back mid-October. I have to visit several places before then, including Portland, which I’m both excited but hesitant about. But I suppose I should at least visit once to validate my apprehension towards Portland. Plus, I’ve been told that the coastline of Oregon is “absolutely otherworldly” so I must go see this myself.